Where to get information of latest science news

The persons who are interested to be updated about the latest science and technology news. There are many online websites which provide information about the current research. These websites provide information through press releases. Continue reading “Where to get information of latest science news”

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A different blog called scienceblog.com

“Science news straight from the source”, this is the tag line of a famous blog known as scienceblog.com. As the name suggests this blog is related with the latest science researches and it publishes the press releases from the science organizations named in the stories themselves.

The scienceblog.com comes into picture of the blogging world in the year 2002. Since then it is serving the science community.

One can find out various articles on different filelds like:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • maths
  • Environment
  • Psychology
  • Computers
  • Electronics

In fact all the fields are covered.

One can also write contribute science news at their blog.

You can visit this very useful blog here:


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