Common daily life science queries – 3

Q : Why honey is not expired?

Answer: If you know that it is difficult for bacteria to grow in high sugar content region and it is also difficult for fungus to grow in low moisture content area. You must be getting my point. Yes, honey has also high sugar content so no bacteria are there and it has low moisture therefore no fungus. Therefore, honey is not expired.

Q : Why color of sky is blue?

Answer: Visible region of light that is VIBGYOR has wavelength from 3800 to 7000 angstroms. Light ray with lesser wavelength scattered more than light with more wavelength. Therefore violet, indigo or blue light scattered more by particles in the atmosphere due to the less wavelength. Therefore the color of the sky is blue or sky is blue. Red light has maximum wavelength in the visible region thus it travels almost straight through the atmosphere.

Q : Why we are able to see ourselves in mirror?

Answer: We are able to see ourselves in mirror due to the process of reflection. We can see the objects only if the light reflected from them enter our eyes. The mirror has shiny surfaces, thus light is reflected from the mirror and enter our eyes. Therefore we are able to see ourselves in mirror.

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