Earth and Cosmological Events

Cosmology is a science related with the space. It can be divided into two parts. one is the physical cosmology and other is the modern cosmology. Physical cosmology deals with the origin, evolution and future of the universe. There are various cosmological events which can affect the earth. The events like speed bump, black hole, asteroids ( a large one) and supernova can affect the life on earth.

Supernova is a stellar explosion, can result in a burst of explosion and can outshine the entire galaxy. During a small interval supernova supernova is expected to radiate a large amount of energy which is equal to energy radiated by the sun in his whole life.

Literally black hole means where gravity prevents anything to escape even the light.  It is called black because it reflects nothing.

This cosmological events can definitely affect the earth. If you know more events, then please share with us.

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