How to convert word to pdf free without going online

Yes, the title of this article is absolutely right that is how to convert word to pdf without going online! Is it really possible. Yes it is possible that word files can be converted into pdf without the help of number of websites available to convert word to pdf free. 

While surfing the internet, I have found a website What is special about this site? The site offers to download a free software of about 4 MB. Let us discuss step by step what to do with this software:


1. You can download it on your computer system. When you will download it and after properly installation, then get ready to convert a word file.

2.First open a word file,

3.then click on the FILE menu of word (extreme left top of the file),

4.then click the Print option, you will find the option the name of the printer there (you do not require a printer for this),

5. here if you will check there will be a option of Cuepdf writer, just select it and then click ok.

6. Your work is done, that is your word file is converted into pdf without going internet except only once during installation of software.

Thus you can go to the website, and start the process.

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