International Mobile Equipment Identity Number

Do you how to track or block your mobile phone if it is lost? It can be done with the help  of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database in the network’s Equipment Identity Register (EIR). The EIR has three categories namely the “white lists”, “grey lists” and “black lists”. The operator can block a handset by putting it in black list. Also by using Global Positioning System an operator can track the handset user also.

How to know your mobile IMEI number:

The IMEI number of a mobile phone is a 15 digit number unique to a mobile handset. Just dial *#06# on your mobile phone and it will display its IMEI number in most phones. It is also usually printed on the compliance plate of the handset usually under the battery.

Each GSM mobile phone is assigned a unique IMEI code when it is produced. If you know the IMEI code of a mobile phone, you can check information about the manufacturer, model type, date and country of approval.

You can also verify above information by sending an SMS as follows. Type IMEI number and send it to 53232 or 57886. For example IMEI 479124015526229 to 57886. You will receive a message with all available details from the service provider.

So, check your IMEI number now and note it down.

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