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NIIT overview and sample interview questions

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If you are preparing for your placement in reputed company like NIIT. Then let us discuss about the brief overview of this company.

Name: NIIT

Foundation: 1981

Tagline: leadership in global talent development

Services: NIIT provides services in sectors like banking, finance, insurance, education, BPO, KPO, corporate training. They also provide IT solutions to schools, colleges and government organisations.

Contact: corporate office

NIIT Limited
85, Sector 32, Institutional
Gurgaon 122001
Tel: +91 (124) 4293000
Fax: +91 (124) 4293333



Sample technical questions that can be asked in NIIT interview

DBMS questions:

1. Tell few of the applications that make use of Multilinked Structures?

2. In tree construction which is the suitable efficient data structure?

3. What is the type of the algorithm used in solving the 8 Queens problem?

4. In an AVL tree, at what condition the balancing is to be done?

5. What is the bucket size, when the overlapping and collision occur at same time?

Networking questions:

1. What is EIGRP?

2. Tell us about natting.

3. What is ip address?

4. Tata photon which is attached to laptop, whether it is UDP or TCP connection?

5. What is subnetting?

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