Magnetic Materials

Properties of diamagnetic materials

Diamagnetic materials have following properties:

  • In a diamagnetic material, the magnetic lines of forces due to an applied field are repelled.

  • when suspended in a uniform magnetic field, diamagnetic materials set their longest axis at right angles to the direction of the field and the shortest axis is along the direction of the field.
  • when placed in a non-uniform magnetic field, the diamagnetic materials move from stronger parts of the field to the weaker parts.
  • relative magnetic permeability of diamagnetic materials is always less than unity that is

μr < 1

Reason is given in another article

  • Magnetic susceptibility if diamagnetic materials is always negative.

Reason is given in another article

  • Magnetic susceptibility of diamagnetic materials does not change with temperature, that is they do not obey Curie law

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