Uses of ruby laser

Ruby laser has following uses or advantages or applications:

1. Ruby laser has very high output power of the order of 104 – 106 watts. It has wavelength of 6943 Angstroms.

2. Ruby lasers are used for holography, industrial cutting and welding.

Reference: This article is referred from my authored book “optics and lasers” having ISBN 81-272-2948-2. In case of any doubt, post in the comment section.

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Working of Ruby laser

In the last article, I have discussed construction of ruby laser. In this article, I will discuss working of ruby laser.

Ruby is a three level laser system. Suppose there are three levels E1, E2 and (E3 & E4). E1 is the ground level, E2 is the metastable level, E3 and E4 are the bands. E3 & E4 are considered as only one level because they are very closed to each other.

Pumping: The ruby crystal is placed inside a xenon flash lamp and the flash lamp is connected to a capacitor which discharges a few thousand joules of energy in a few milliseconds. A part of this energy is absorbed by chromium ions in the ground  state. Continue reading “Working of Ruby laser”

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