Common queries related to theory of relativity-1

Q1. Who proposed the theory of relativity?
Ans: Albert Einstein.

Q2. What is the difference between general theory of relativity and special theory of relativity?
Ans: General Theory of relativity: This theory deals with the the accelerated objects.
Special theory of relativity: This theory of relativity deals with the non-accelerated objects.
Out of the above two, the special theory of relativity is easier to understand because it deals with the non-accelerated objects. Continue reading “Common queries related to theory of relativity-1”

Time dilation in relativity derivation

Last time we have discussed and derive the length contraction in relativity, let us today discuss the concept of time dilation and derive the relation for time dilation.

Let us today discuss and derive an interesting concept in relativity called the time dilation. You must be astonished to know that when an object moves with a speed comparative to the speed of light, its time dilated or more appropriate term is that it is appeared to move slow. Continue reading “Time dilation in relativity derivation”