Top Research Journals of Energy Science of Elsevier- I

From today onwards I will also start writing about the various research journals of different fields of different publications. Today I will present the top 5 journals of energy science of Elsevier publication. These journals are ranked according to their impact factors.

1.      Progress In Energy And Combustion Science– An International Review Journal:

The progress in energy and combustion science is the number 1 journal of Elsevier in energy science field.

2010 Impact factor: 10.362

Progress in Energy and Combustion Science deals with the review articles in the fields of combustion, flames, fuel science and technology and energy studies.

2. Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells:

2010 Impact factor:  4.593

This International Journal is devoted to Photovoltaic, Photothermal, and Photochemical Solar Energy Conversion fields.

3.      Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

2010 impact factor: 4.567

As the name suggests Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews journal publishes review articles designed to bring together under one cover, current advances in the ever broadening field of renewable and sustainable energy. The journal includes the following areas:

a) Resources

b) Applications and Services
•Industry and Electricity

c) Policy
•Economic aspects
•Environmental impact, emissions
•Political aspects
•Energy planning
•Social aspects
•Trends: past, present, future

d) Environmental Impact and Sustainability

e) Regional Focused Coverage of Renewable Energy

4.      Bioresource Technology:

2010 impact factor: 4.365

The journal of bioresource technology aim is to publish papers in the areas of biomass, biological waste treatment, bioenergy, biotransformations and bioresource systems analysis, and technologies associated with conversion or production.

Topics of this journal include:

• Biofuels: liquid and gaseous biofuels production, modeling and economics
• Bioprocesses and bioproducts: biocatalysis and fermentations
• Biomass and feedstocks utilization: bioconversion of agro-industrial residues
• Environmental protection: biological waste treatment
• Thermochemical conversion of biomass: combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, catalysis

5.      Journal Of Power Sources

2010 impact factor: 4.283

The Journal of Power Sources is the journal for researchers and technologists interested in all aspects of the science, technology and applications of sources of electrochemical power. Journal of Power Sources publishes original research and reviews articles about the science and applications of primary and secondary batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors and photo-electrochemical cells.

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