Top Ten Real Ways Machines are Taking Over

As advances in technology increase year after year, machines are taking over more jobs that were once left to human hands and minds. We’ve listed the top ten ways that the machines are taking over:

The Music DJ

Remember the local radio disc jockey? Well, he’s mostly gone now, replaced by computer programs who use algorithms to automatically select songs that are catered to your tastes from a huge database.

Hobo Bots

What is the point of a robot without working legs? Imagine a huge network of 24-hour mechanical hobos that could harvest change from sympathetic humans. Even begging for change isn’t safe from technology.

Teaching Robots

Classrooms are now experimenting with teaching robots that never make errors and always have the right answer. Why should we trust our children with imperfect humans when robots can fill the teaching niche so perfectly?

Automatic Dictation

Computers can now translate speech to text with amazing accuracy. Who needs secretaries and courtroom reporters when you can just put a cold metal box in the room?

Human Speech Bots

Scientists are working hard to make a robot that perfectly mimics human speech. The ability to give voices back to those who have lost them is a noble goal, but giving robots the ability to perfectly mimic our speech should be approached cautiously.

Automated Warehouses

Once upon a time, when you ordered a product from a company over the phone, humans would have to place the order, grab the product from the shelves, package it and then ship it. This can now all happen automatically with robotics.

Robo Vacuums

For some reason modern society decided that vacuuming was too difficult. Never-mind that all those automatic vacuums out there could be recording all of our conversations for use against us in Robo-Human wars of 2023.

CNC Routers

Humans used to create machine tools and parts with the pure skill of their own hands and eyes, but the CNC Routers from Ron Mack Machinery have cut humans out from a big chunk of the process.

Macros and Scripts

All under the guise of improving efficiency for humans, computers can now perform mundane tasks in spreadsheets, word processors and other programs that were once left for humans. Soon we may have machines just sitting in front of other machines.

Robot Babies

The film “Artificial Intelligence” isn’t as far as some of us may like to hope. Robot babies can mimic baby noises and movements to an eerie degree. The only thing missing is a realistic look, and we may not be too far.

Note: This article “Top Ten Real Ways Machines are Taking Over” is contributed by Madyson Grant through email. We are thankful to Madyson Grant.

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