Marketing Management

What is consumer buying decision process

Let us today understand the concept of consumer buying or purchase decision process. It is the duty of the marketer to understand how consumers actually make their buying decisions. As in some cases it is difficult to find out who the buyer is and who the user is. To understand properly consumer buying decision process it is necessary to understand the different roles played by them. There are mainly six roles played by consumer. They are:

1. INITIATOR:      who brings the idea to buy a product for eg. Son bring the idea to buy a play-station.

2.      INFLUENCER: it is the person who influence to buy any product. For eg, Son’s friend influences him.

3. GATEKEEPER: mother informs that there is no budget to buy it.

4.  DECIDER:      father decides to fulfill son’s wish.

5 BUYER:         mother and father go to the shop to buy a play-station.

6.  USER:         the family uses the play-station.

Therefore all these are the consumer buying decision process.

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