Production or origin of Continuous X rays

Last time, we have discussed about the origin of name of x rays that is why x rays are known as x rays.

Today, we will discuss how x rays are produced? It is proved that whenever fast moving electrons strike a target material of high atomic number and high melting point x rays are produced. But what happen after the collision of electrons? Why and how x rays are produced then? Let us discuss it: Continue reading

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Difference between Soft X rays and Hard X rays

Dear friends, last time I have discussed about the origin of x rays.

Let us today discuss about the two types of x rays on the basis of their energy: Continue reading

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Why X rays are known as X rays

Hello friends, I hope we all are aware by the term x rays. May be we or one of our friends or relatives  have gone through the procedure of x rays. Let us today discuss how x rays were discovered and why x rays are known as x rays?  Continue reading

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Dear friends, today we will discuss about the basics of Smith Chart or construction of Smith Chart. Let us understand, what is Smith Chart:

  • Smith chart is a graphical method to solve transmission line problems.
  • It is a graph between resistance component (R/Z0) (or conductance component, C/Y0) and reactance component (±iX/Z0).

Continue reading

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Know Everything about JEE MAIN AND NEET Entrance exams

JEE main and NEET entrance exams are two major exams to take admissions in engineering and medical colleges respectively. Let us discuss about them:

NEET 2018

All admissions to MBBS/BDS courses inside the separate classifications might be founded on the imprints got in the National Eligibility Entrance exam 2018. It will be held in single stage and would be a target based test. Students can apply for the exam through online and there is no offline mode. For the examination, the students who qualify and fulfil the NEET 2018 eligibility criteria will be allowed to attend the exam. The admit card will be linked to Aadhar card of the candidates and they must save the NEET 2018 Admit Cards till their confirmation in MBBS/BDS Course. The exam will be conducted in offline mode and the questions will come from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Continue reading

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How You Should Start Your Preparation for UPSC?

When students start their preparation for UPSC, there are several questions pop up in their mind. How to start, where to go, what to read, when to prepare etc. These questions are quite obvious and it’s also normal to have such queries. There are various platforms to guide the beginners.

There are plenty of examples for both early beginners, who started their preparation in their early graduation and late runners, who started it after reaching their second half of the 20s. So it’s all about your dedication and hard work which can make you to reach your goal. So pull up your socks and start working harder for your dream job. In this article, we have discussed the detailed module to start your preparation of UPSC. Continue reading

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10 Interesting Science Discoveries

Science is a systematic approach that collects and builds knowledge. Likewise, they are many scientific discoveries happening in every part of the world. But there are amazing and outstanding discoveries and inventions made at recent times that are incredible. Some are listed below: Continue reading

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Fermi level in semiconductors

Concept of Fermi Level:

In simple term, the Fermi level signify the probability of occupation of energy levels in conduction band and valence band. Continue reading

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Why there is no atmosphere on moon

You must have seen that astronauts wear spacesuits when they land on moon.

Do you know the reason? The reason is that moon has no atmosphere. Exactly, I should say it has negligible atmosphere. Let us discuss. As the gravitational force of moon is 1/6th on the gravitational force on earth. The escape velocity of gases or air molecules on earth is greater than the moon. Continue reading

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Where to get information of latest science news

The persons who are interested to be updated about the latest science and technology news. There are many online websites which provide information about the current research. These websites provide information through press releases. Continue reading

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