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Lorentz transformation equations for space and time

Results of Galilean Transformation equations can not be applied for the objects moving with a speed comparative to the speed of the light. Therefore new transformations equations are derived by Lorentz for these objects and these are known as Lorentz … Continue reading

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Michelson-Morley experiment

Aim of the Michelson-Morley experiment: The Michelson-Morley experiment was done to confirm the presence of hypothetical medium called ether. Therefore, one question should be there what was ether? Yes, I have used “was ether” not “is ether”. Let us discuss … Continue reading

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Twin paradox in relativity

Paradox means confusion and meaning of twins you know. This is related with the concept of time dilation in relativity. Suppose there are twins A and B. In the twin paradox, one of the twins say A was sent to … Continue reading

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Real life example of time dilation

Real example of time dilation: As we have already discussed the concept of time dilation. Let us discuss its example: Decay of µ- mesons: µ- mesons are the particles formed in the earth atmosphere. The half life time of µ- … Continue reading

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