10 Interesting Science Discoveries

Science is a systematic approach that collects and builds knowledge. Likewise, they are many scientific discoveries happening in every part of the world. But there are amazing and outstanding discoveries and inventions made in recent times that are incredible. Some are listed below:

Stem Cells for Stroke Patients

Although it was a small trial, scientists have seen a tremendous improvement that was used to help chronic stroke patients. Patients suffered from stroke had lost one or the other motor skills and somewhere even not able to walk. There were no side effects and patients were discharged the very next day, happily home.

Discovery of A Ninth Planet

Recently the Ninth Planet that is believed to exist has created a dip in a solar system in recent times. The astronomers who have published this discovery has stated the possibility that this planet exists around nineteen million away. It is possible that would resolve the huge question in the astronomy as to why does the solar system lies on a straight tilt. Presently the existence of planet nine is hypothetical. Suppose if it exists it is likely to be predicted that it would be around two to fifteen times of the earth.

From Carbon Dioxide to a Solid Stone

It is probably a new pathway that is discovered by modern researchers to trap carbon dioxide beneath the ground. It plays a vital role in regulating the emission of carbon dioxide as it would have a drastic effect on a climate change.

We have probably started witnessing this affects that a recent time. The central scenario is to collect the carbon dioxide from the plants directly and pump into a volcanic rock in an Iceland.  It would speed up a natural process that involves the conversion of basalt into carbon dioxide and in turn into a limestone.

Cave Fish Resembles Four-Limbed Vertebrates

One of the species of cave fish was found in the dark caves of a northern Thailand by researchers. One of the factors that were stated by scientists was that they were capable of walking and they had certain characteristics that resembled a reptile or an amphibian. The interesting factor is that these cave fishes are blind. It can be considered as a real discovery in a field of evolutionary adaptation.

A Galaxy Made up of a Dark Matter

Dragonfly Telephoto Array discovered dragonfly in recent time is an ultra diffuse galaxy that emits light about only one percent of the total light emitted by a milky way galaxy. This galaxy is consists of just a few starts by it is amazingly huge as Milkyway. But according to research that has to be conducted recently it is entirely made up of dark matter that is around 99.9 percent. The fact has yet to be proved.

Discovery of New Prime Numbers

Recently a new prime number was discovered, and it is the seventh largest prime that is ever known. It is nine million digits long. It is forty-fourth known Mersenne Prime Number. The primality proof nearly took 31 days according to the source. A modern cryptography requires the usage of Mersenne Prime Numbers, and thus this discovery has proved valuable.

Slight Genetic Mutation Leads to Multicellular Life

The researchers found the reason for the evolvement of a single cell organism to multicell organism that occurred around eight million years ago.  An ancient molecule GK-PID is predicted to be a molecular carabiner which is capable of pulling chromosomes to lump together into the inner walls leading to the exact copy when divisions occur. Recent discoveries as stated that there is a difference between the ancient and current behavioral aspects in GK-Pid.

There are More Galaxies in Our Universe than We Think

The search for the number of galaxies in our universe was limited by the technology of our telescope. Now the new point of analysis and mathematical interruptions have emerged that would that would help to discover more galaxies in our universe. It adds up to the one of the latest discovery “The Hubble Telescope.”

Earth has the Second Moon

A small asteroid has been trapped in earth’s orbit as stated by NASA. It is quite small than our natural satellite, and according to them, it may stay for a while in earth’s orbit. It is termed as 2016 H3O.

Discovery of Eternal Data Storage Method

It is not possible to just store a data just in one device. But it may prove to be totally wrong with the recent discovery of eternal data storage method. Scientists have created a nano-structured glass for the process of retrieving and recording data. It is a small glass disk that can hold data up to 360 TB. Its estimated shelf life would be around more than thirteen million years at a room temperature.

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