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The unquenchable thirst in the human minds to discover more and more objects, places, techniques in realms of science, technology, history, culture etc has eventually made man forget himself. Day by day he is drowning deep into the ocean of latest researches and inventions; fleeing away from the core of his very existence. Unfortunately the highest minds on earth label this trend with coveted words such as ‘healthy progress’, ’latest development/advancement’ and alike. Knowingly or unknowingly these efforts are being made in search of happiness and freedom. Ironically this mechanized lifestyle has chained the man with stress .The happiness that he gets from these achievements is temporary. It remains there as long as the new object or the charm of the new object remains. After a while man’s senses get bored from one thing and then he spends his energy to find happiness in something else and this vicious cycle goes on and on and on…….Man , today spends his entire life in the pursuit of happiness and not as the expression of it.
We give a lot of importance and time to other’s actions and ideas but we spend very little time listening to our ownselves. Actually we can’t love others unless we have mastered the art of loving ourselves. We hardly care about our non-stable course of thoughts and actions. With great pride we can say that we have mastered control over a machine that is miles away from us but it is shameful that we have lost control over our own minds. Do we really know how to handle it? How to remain happy and grateful? No!!! This is so unfortunate.
It has been noticed that as we grow old we lose the simplicity, innocence, joy and friendliness that we were born with. A child smiles 400 times a day, an adolescent 17 times a day and an adult doesn’t smile at all. There is a heaviness on the faces of college going students. Is this the purpose of education?? Is ‘successful’ a term used for somebody who has huge bank balance or maximum marks or a big house?? No. Success on outside means nothing unless you have succeeded within. A person who has overwhelming joy, enthusiasm, energy, elevated consciousness, confidence ,compassion and a smile that none can snatch away is truly SUCCESSFUL. We can restore our smile by realizing the enormous strength that lies in inner peace and happiness. We need to get back to our natural state. Instead of living a life in search of bigger pleasures we should rejoice in watching serene rising sun or dew drops or marvel of a starry night. In addition to that we can radiate happiness just by practicing meditations and certain breathing techniques every day for 15-20 minutes.
Remember, who looks outside; dreams whereas who looks inside; awakens to the reality of life. Anyway we will be dead and gone from this planet at most after another 50 years so better stay happy for that much time. We should never harbour conflicts and grudges against anybody and simply let them pass by. This is how we can save our mind and spread harmony all around.

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