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Science of Pressure !!

Hi friends,

Let us discuss about the science of pressure. No no, I am not talking about the pressure equals to force per unit area. I will discuss about the pressure you feel during your exams, in your office and in everywhere in your daily routine.

Do you know that pressure is necessary for us to do the work!!

Let us take an example, suppose Mr. A has to catch his bus for his office at 8 am. He set the alarm at 6 or 6.30 am. Alarm starts, then he shut the mouth of it. He is continue to be in his dreams, the dreams of a good office, a nice car and well constructed and decorated flat and above all a beautiful wife. Then suddenly he realized that it is already 7.30 am. Then he woke up under the pressure to catch bus. If failed to do so, then he will face the red face of his boss and he will not be able to get his dreams fulfilled. This is the magic of pressure. Pressure makes us work to do work on time.

We can replace ourselves with Mr. A. It happened with us also.

But it is we that let the pressure work on us. We the ordinary people, we  make ourselves ordinary.

This is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary person. Achiever will not wait the alarm to ring for him. He will not allow pressure to dominate on him. He has same 24 hours but he will do it with minimum pressure as excess of everything is bad. Therefore excess of pressure will also be bad for you. You will not be able to face this extra pressure if you start your work in eleventh hour. So if you want to like Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Obama, Ms. Steffi Graff, etc. etc., you have to face the pressure.

Thus, pressure is necessary but not in excess one. So be ready, face the pressure of life and enjoy this magic of science called pressure. All the best !!

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