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Are you preparing for an interview- then here is basic strategy about it!

Are you preparing for an interview- then read the basics about it:
a) A resume is just like the entrance exam to get into an institution. Therefore prepare a good resume and make it a strong point, why you fit the job role?
b) If there is an exam (common practice in campus placements), first attempt  short (one or two liner questions), so that to save time in reading (as time will be limited). If time is left, then attempt other questions.
c)Have some basic knowledge about your potential employer, so do a primary research.
d) Its very common that your strengths and weakness can be asked! Thus, prepare for questions about your strengths. Regarding weakness, give answer that you are working on a corrective measures.
e) Your problem solving skills can be checked and questions can be asked how to tackle a difficult situation?
f) One of the questions can be where you see yourself after 10 years?
g) Never criticize your current employer.
h) Have confidence, be natural and will to succeed.
i) If possible, then practice with your friends.

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