Marketing Management

BCG Matrix or Bostan Consultancy Group’s growth share matrix

As per BCG matrix there are different types of product. So the marketer may decide as per the product. The BCG matrix is shown below:

1.) Stars:- stars are the products having high market share and also high growth rate. These are the market leaders. Marketer is required to make large investment.

2.) Question mark:- these are the products having low market share and high growth rate. These products have poor profit margin. Marketer is required to keep  eye on them as there is danger of becoming them dogs because of low market share.

High market share Low market share
High growth rate Stars Question mark
Low growth rate Cash cow Dogs

3.) Cash cow:- these products enjoy high market share but low growth rate. These products are profitable products, which generate more cash than expected.

4.) Dogs:– dogs are the products having low market share with low growth rate. These products generate loss, so the marketer may eliminate the product or sell it to the competitor.

These are the products which are explained by BCG Matrix or Bostan consultancy Group’s growth share matrix.

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