Electrical Properties of nanomaterials

Last time I have discussed the optical properties of nanomaterials. Today I will discuss the electrical properties of the nanomaterials or nanoparticles. The properties like conductivity or resistivity are come under category of electrical properties. These properties are observed to change at nanoscale level like optical properties. The examples of the change in electrical properties in nanomaterials are:

1. Conductivity of a bulk or large material does not depend upon dimensions like diameter or area of cross section and twist in the conducting wire etc. However it is found that in case of carbon nanotubes conductivity changes with change in area of cross section.

2.) It is also observed that conductivity also changes when some shear force (in simple terms twist) is given to nanotube.

3.) Conductivity of a multiwalled carbon nanotube is different than that of single nanotube of same dimensions.

4.) The carbon nanotubes can act as conductor or semiconductor in behaviour but we all know that large carbon (graphite) is good conductor of electricity.

These are the important electrical properties of nanomaterials with their examples.

Note: If you know more electrical properties of nanomaterials then please share with us.

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