Gravitational force and its properties

Gravitational force is the weakest force in nature. There are many properties of gravitational force, but first of all let us discuss about the various fundamental forces present in nature. There are mainly four types of forces exist in nature:
1. Gravitational force
2. Weak nuclear force
3. Electromagnetic force
4. Strong nuclear force.
Today I will discuss about the gravitational force
We all know that earth and other planets revolve around the sun but why? We are attracted towards the earth due to gravity of earth or in simple words force of attraction of earth. Basically gravitational force is the force between any two objects. The objects can be microscopic or macroscopic.

Properties of Gravitational force:
1. Gravitational force is always attractive. For example, earth always attracts us but never repels.
2. It is weakest force in nature.
3. It obeys inverse square law. Let us discuss it:
If there are two objects of mass m1 and m2 and they are placed at distance r apart. Then force between them will be:
F = G(m1m2)/r2

4. Gravitational force is a central force.

5. It is a conservative force.

6. They can operate over a very long distances.

7. Graviton is the particle exchanged when the two masses attract through gravitational force. This exchanged particle is called graviton.

Note: If you know more properties then please share.

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