What is Inverse square law

There is a law in physics commonly known as inverse square law. As the name suggests, in this law some quantity is inversely related to another quantity. Let us discuss in detail.

I have discussed in my earlier article about the concept of gravitational force. This force is inversely related with distance. If  there are two objects of mass m1 and m2 and they are placed at distance r apart. Then force between them will be:
F = G(m1m2)/(r)2

Let us say m1 = 1 kg and m2  = 1 kg. G is constant. Suppose r = 1 meter

Then F = G(1)/ (1)2

It means F = G

If we increase the distance between the two masses to say r = 2 meter, then

F =  G(1)/ (2)2

F = G/4

It means that as the distance is doubled, then the force between the two masses will become one fourth.

This law also holds for coulomb’s law where the two charges interact (either attract or repel) each other.

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