Nuclear force properties

We all know about nucleus in an atom and there are particles neutrons and protons in the nucleus. These particles are binded together by strong nuclear forces. At the end of this article, you will be able to understand the following concepts:

1. What are nuclear forces?

2. various properties of nuclear forces.

As I have discussed in the start of this article that nuclear force is the force that exists between neutron-neutron, neutron-proton or proton-proton. These nucleus particles are known as nucleons. This nuclear force is responsible for stability of nucleus. You will be astonished to learn that the force between these particles are attractive even the protons have same charge. It means that these nuclear forces are attractive by nature.

Let us discuss the properties of nuclear forces:

1. These forces are attractive by nature.

2. The nuclear force is short range force. It means that it exist only when particles are very-very close to each other. In nucleus the separation between particles is 10-15 m or I Fermi. At this infinitesimal small separation, the nuclear force becomes 10 times stronger than the repulsive than the electric forces between the nucleons. In the short range force, the force between the particles rapidly decreases. Thus the nuclear force only exists in the nucleus.

3. These forces do not obey inverse square law.

4. Nuclear forces are not central forces. It means that these forces do not depend upon the centre of one particle to another particle.

5. Strong nuclear forces are the strongest force in nature. As I have discussed the gravitational force in previous article, the nuclear forces are 1038 times stronger than the gravitational forces.

I hope must have understood the concept of nuclear forces and their properties. If you know more properties, then please share with us in the comment section.

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