Non polar dielectrics

In the last article, I have discussed the dielectrics and polar dielectrics. Today let us discuss the non-polar dielectrics:

Non-polar Dielectrics or Molecules.  If  the  centre of gravity of  positive charges  coincides  with the centre of gravity of negative charges then the dielectric is called non-polar dielectric.

Example. H2, N2 etc.

Thus, a non-polar dielectric has a zero electric dipole moment In the presence of electric field, the charge centres get displaced and dielectric or molecule is then said to be polarized and therefore dielectric  acquire an induced dipole moment in the direction of the field.

Note : After reading this article, you will be able to answer the following questions:

What are  non-polar dielectrics,

What are non-  polar molecules,

Write the examples of non-polar dielectric materials,

Why  non-polar molecules have zero dipole moment

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