Ouput and applications of dye laser

I have already discussed the construction and working of dye laser. Let us discuss the output and applications of dye lasers.

Output: The dye laser provides 3nsec pulses in the spectral  range of 360 nm to 950 nm. The typical peak powers are on the order of about 10kW to 20kW. Dye lasers can be operated in both pulsed and continue wave (CW) modes. If a flash lamp is used to pump the dye laser, the output will be pulsed one whereas if the laser is pumped by a continuous wave laser like argon-ion laser, the dye laser will also be continuous.

CW dye lasers produce emission with linewidth in the range of 20 to 40 GHz.

Applications: Organic dye lasers are used in spectroscopy, holography and in biomedical applications. A recent application of dye laser is its use in isotope separation.

Thus you may have understood the construction of dye laser and working of dye laser from previous articles and applications of dye laser with output in this article.

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