Quantum Physics

Photon and its properties

In this article, we will discuss about the photon and its properties:

A photon is basically a basic particle which carries with itself electromagnetic energy. The light coming from sun has different wavelengths or energy and on the basis of it, we have different regions like visible, infrared, ultraviolet and many more. But one thing is common in all these regions is photon but of different frequency so different energy.

Thus photon is basically a quantum of light.


(i) In the interaction of radiation with matter, radiation behaves as if it is made of particles like photons

(ii) Each photon has energy E= hu and momentum p = mv or p =

(iii)Irrespective of the intensity of radiation, all the photons of particular frequency or wavelength have the same energy and same momentum.

(iv)All the photons emitted from a source travels in space with the speed of light.

(v) The velocity of photon in different media is different.

(vi) The rest mass of photon is zero.

(vii) They are not deflected by electric or magnetic fields.

(viii) In a photon particle collision, the energy and momentum are conserved but the number of photons may not be conserved.

This is about photons and its properties.

Brain Teaser:

If photon has mass zero, then why it has momentum?

If you know the answer, please share with us.


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