Magnetic Materials

Properties of paramagnetic materials

Paramagnetic materials have following properties:

  • In paramagnetic materials, the magnetic lines of forces due to the applied field are attracted towards the paramagnetic material.
  • When suspended in a uniform magnetic field, paramagnetic materials rotate so as to bring their longest axis along the direction of the magnetic field and shorter axis perpendicular to the field.
  • When placed in a non-uniform magnetic field, the paramagnetic materials move from weaker parts of the field to the stronger parts.
  • Permeability of paramagnetic material is greater than 1

Reason: reason is discussed here.

  • Magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic material is positive but small.

Reason: reason is discussed here.

  • Susceptibility of paramagnetic materials varies inversely as the temperature of the material. That is they lose their magnetic character with rise in temperature. Therefore they obey Curie law.
  • It could not explain the complicated dependence of susceptibility upon temperature exhibited by many paramagnetic materials such as highly compressed and coded gases, very concentrated solutions of salts, solid salts and crystals. Such paramagnetic materials obey the modified Curie law:

that is x = C/T-θ

where x is magnetic susceptibility, T is temperature and θ is a constant

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