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PTU date sheet May 2011- electrical 8th semester

According to the proposed date sheet available on the PTU website, the regular exams of B.Tech.Electrical Engg./EEE 7th/8th semester is scheduled as:

12-May-11 E 7&8 Computer Aided Power System Analysis EE-402
14-May-11 E 7&8 Non-linear and Digital Control Systems EE-404
17-May-11 E 7&8 Generation of Electric Power EE-406
19-May-11 E 7&8 Extra High Voltage Engg. EE-416 A0432  Elective-I
19-May-11 E 7&8 Non Conventional Energy Sources. EE-418  Elective-I
19-May-11 E 7&8 Biomedical Engg. EE-424 A0434 B.Tech.Elective-I
19-May-11 E 7&8 Communication Engg. EE-426 A0435 B.Tech. Elective-I
19-May-11 E 7&8 Electrical Machine Design EE-430 Elective-I
21-May-11 E 7&8 Fuzzy Logics & Systems CS-452 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Neural Networks CS-454 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Database Management System CS-305 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Data Communication CS-303 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Operating System CS-202 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Software Engg CS-308 Elective-II
21-May-11 E 7&8 Computer Architecture CS-201 Elective-II

Disclaimer: We are just providing the information and are not responsible for any error. Kindly check the PTU website regularly for any revision in date sheet.

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