Science of Love

Hi friends,

We all know that Japan has faced a natural disaster. You must be thinking that what is the relation of science of love with this.

My dear friends, there is a major relation. May I know that when you last told your parents, spouse or any of your near one that you love him or her. You might be busy in your office work, or in your assignment.

I remember a story told to me by someone. One day an aged person of about 60 years was looking into his things. He came across a diary , that he used to write till his thirties. Then he got busy and found very difficult to continue it.

He came across the page 45 of the diary. It was a day when he went with his son for a picnic. He and his son tried to catch the fish on that day. They waited whole day but failed. Father after coming home, wrote in his diary that it was the most wasted day of his life. The person during reading this took a pause and suddenly realize that his son also used to write his day to day happenings.

Then he looked for his son diary. He found it and opened the same date page. What was written there by his son “It was the most beautiful day of my like. I enjoyed a lot with my dad. Love you dad for this day and for everything”.

Dear friends, why I repeated this story here and why I am relating this with the natural calamity like tsunami, because nothing is more precious than love. If your loved ones are not near you, you may have all the wealth of this world, you will not be happy. So, whenever you get time or may not get time, always show your love to your near ones.

My blog is basically related to science, research and career. But it is my social responsibility that I can contribute for the improvement of society may be via writing. You as readers or what ever you are doing in your life, can also contribute towards it.

Therefore, do not get late, go today and say to your loved one that how much you love him or her. You will see the effect immediately. All the best.

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