In ferroelectric materials, the polarization P does not vary linearly with electric field E.

Hysteresis curve: The plot of P versus E in which the material is polarized in one direction and then in opposite direction is called the hysteresis curve of the specimen.

When a piece of ferroelectric material initially unpolarized, is subjected to a gradually increasing electric field, the polarization P varies with E.

Remanent polarization or retentivity or remanence: Continue reading “FERROELECTRIC MATERIALS, HYSTERESIS CURVE AND SPONTANEOUS POLARIZATION”

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Coercivity is defined as the value of the magnetising field at which the intensity of magnetisation becomes zero. It is also known as coercive field.

Hence, the coercivity of a material is a measure of the strength of the reverse magnetising field required to finish out the residual magnetism of the magnetic material.

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