AON hewitt technical interview questions

Hello Guys, My AON hewitt technical interview went as follows:

1. Can u make a program to display prime numbers?:

Yes sir

2. Can u make a program to generate Fibonacci series?

Yes sir

3. Can you make a program to display random numbers?

Hmmmmm…sir ill have to think.

Ok, then think and make it

I started working on it…And concluded that sir whatever way we make it we have to choose a sequence that is not easy for human brain to find out. He was really contented that I pointed at the right thing.

  1. He asked abt Computer networks..OSI model, Testing…White box testing, unit testing etc.
  2. Mainly he checked my determination level to join and stick to the company.
  3. Asked 3 puzzles out of which I could solve only 2.

DO not remember them now.

He was overall-Happy and sent me for HR interview.

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AON Hewitt: Placement Exam Experience

Hii guys, I got through in a company called AON Hewitt. My experience is as follows.

Written Test-60 questions in 60 minutes
*English was lengthy-took almost half hour
*Logical Reasoning-Hardly could attempt 10 questions
*Arithmetic-am not very good at it. So , barely managed to do 5 of it. As there was no time left
Due to no negative marking, I just tick marked remaining questions randomly.
I was keeping my fingers crossed as the attempt was just mediocre .

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