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AON Hewitt: Placement Exam Experience

Hii guys, I got through in a company called AON Hewitt. My experience is as follows.

Written Test-60 questions in 60 minutes
*English was lengthy-took almost half hour
*Logical Reasoning-Hardly could attempt 10 questions
*Arithmetic-am not very good at it. So , barely managed to do 5 of it. As there was no time left
Due to no negative marking, I just tick marked remaining questions randomly.
I was keeping my fingers crossed as the attempt was just mediocre .

But I was happy to find out that I had cleared the paper, perhaps because of low cut off. It was 24 out of 60.
The written test was followed by Group Discussion.
An extremely humble lady , Hear HR of the company gathered half of the selected lot in a room. She explained us that she is here just to find h out
Who all amongst the present candidates have their English Speaking Skills sufficiently well to put across their point. She gave us a Simple topic “MY COLLEGE LIFE”. Each one of us was suppose to speak on this topic one by one. So it was actually not a GD.
Major mistakes students made:
• Each person was required to speak for about 30 secs to 1min only.

Criteria for shortlisting for GD was whether the candidate is able to communicate in simple english or not.
So be careful, be alert…as such small mistakes can lead to huge disasters.
Next was the Interview Session. There were two rounds of Interviews
• Technical Interview
• HR Interview
The person taking my technical interview was a polite and friendly fellow
He started off , asked me to introduce myself . Then asked me to narrate an experience of life where my thought process has not matched with that of my father.
I narrated.
Sir-Tell about your training project
Sir-Is it ok to leave one technology on which u worked for 6 months and jump to another ?
Me-I think it’s a great idea to discover and learn, implement new things
Sir-But u’ll obviously leave the job after two months if you get bored with the new technology that we teach.
Me-The agenda of my life is hard work & commitment, so even if it appears boring…I have to do means I have to do.
Sir-Various questions regarding OS, SQL,OSI model, C, C++, SDLC, Testing Types etc.
Me-I knew most of them
Then he asked me to write a program in C++ to generate random numbers, non consecutive numbers without sequence.
Me- Sir as far as computer is concerned, we will have to give some sequence but it has to be such that a common man can’t identify it.
Me-I wrote something and said ”All that we can conclude is that we will use recursion in it”
He was happy as this is what he was looking for, He asked me few puzzles. Some of them I could answer. Simple puzzles like…
*I have put three equidistant dots, can u put 4?
*Can u draw 5 circles with a line passing through their centers without lifting your pen.
*Gave an arithmetic statement saying, put brackets on it such that answer=18

Then he recommended me for the next round. I was really happy to know this.
HR Interview:
This was completely a stress interview. At 12.00 o clock at night. Snowy cold weather, fifteen hourse since we were in the campus (from morning 9 am)
He asked me all possible questions like:
• Why should I be going away from my home town, will my parents allow
• How will I go home at this time
• How far is my house from college
• Three things I learnt in that day since morning
• Where would I rate myself in C++ and JAVA on a scale of 1 to 10, Why more in JAVA and less in C++
• What do I know about Hewitt?
The crux is that whatever u answer
• Justify it, if needed….It should not appear contradictory to your own statements told in some other answers
• Keep smiling, however rude he may get, however fast he may bombard questions one after the other
• Do not bluff
• Do not use very strong statements
I Think it was because of these reasons that he shortlisted my name in list of selected candidates.
All the Best
Shruti Mehra

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