DEll written and interview questions

Following dell written and interview questions are provided by Mr. Aayush.
He is recently placed in this reputed company. All the best to him.
Dell written questions:
  1. Three bells rings at the intervals of 36 seconds, 40 seconds and 48 seconds respectively. They start ringing together at a particular time. When they will start ringing together again?
    (1)After 6 minutes
    (2) After 12 minutes
    (3)After 18 minutes
    (4) After 24 minutes Continue reading “DEll written and interview questions”

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CMC limited placement experience and interview questions

Hi guys We had pool campus drive of CMC limited in our campus CTIEMT Shahpur. It was the first campus in Punjab to visit for Batch 2012.

Firstly we had pre-placement talk , who told us about their company , vision and perspective.

Than we had out Written Aptitude Test.

It consisted of 50 Questions (time I forgot but I completed ahead of time so for me it was good plus No-Negative marking). Continue reading “CMC limited placement experience and interview questions”

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Interview Experience

Hi All,

I am going to write about an interview I faced and I think it would be helpful to you also for clearing an interview. Coming to the point……

1. First of all your resume because resume is the first thing for an interviewer to judge you….Do not write lie in the resume. Just write what you are…..and always be positive….Resume should not be of more than 2 pages….and should be impressive in the first sight…. Continue reading “Interview Experience”

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Goldman Sachs placement exam experience

Note: This article or you can say interview experience is contributed by Mr. Pulkit through email to (email id: First of all, winnerscience is thankful to him and wish him all the best. You can also share your experiences with our users so that they can take tips and also be successful. Here is the complete experience shared by Pulkit:

I have many stories to tell, like how I never got down to studying, how we never gave the CCNA exams, how I couldn’t clear DE Shaw’s written test, etc. But one story overshadows them all. And that’s the one I’m gonna tell.

Goldman Sachs visited the Thapar Technology Campus on 8th and 9th October (Friday and Saturday), 2010. The written test was conducted on Friday morning, by the same company who had conducted the TI preliminary test. Continue reading “Goldman Sachs placement exam experience”

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Accenture placement exam experience

I wish to share with you all, my experience of appearing in a placement drive conducted by ACCENTURE. The experience was remarkable at each and every step throughout the entire process. ACCENTURE is a dream company not only for every budding engineer but for grown-up engineers as well. So reading this experience of mine can be of some help to all those who wish to be a part of ACCENTURE and for all those who are searching for some crisp tips to appear in interviews.

Continue reading “Accenture placement exam experience”

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AON Hewitt: Placement Exam Experience

Hii guys, I got through in a company called AON Hewitt. My experience is as follows.

Written Test-60 questions in 60 minutes
*English was lengthy-took almost half hour
*Logical Reasoning-Hardly could attempt 10 questions
*Arithmetic-am not very good at it. So , barely managed to do 5 of it. As there was no time left
Due to no negative marking, I just tick marked remaining questions randomly.
I was keeping my fingers crossed as the attempt was just mediocre .

Continue reading “AON Hewitt: Placement Exam Experience”

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