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Interview Experience

Hi All,

I am going to write about an interview I faced and I think it would be helpful to you also for clearing an interview. Coming to the point……

1. First of all your resume because resume is the first thing for an interviewer to judge you….Do not write lie in the resume. Just write what you are…..and always be positive….Resume should not be of more than 2 pages….and should be impressive in the first sight….

2. Interviewer always starts with your introduction.In an introduction do not tell a lie because they are very skilled people to judge you from your words even.Always say positive, think before you speak and stick to your words.

3.From resume only they will ask questions.A usually asked question is Why do you want to join our company? Whatever answer you give, they will make you confuse.But stick to your answer. They just want to check your confidence.

4. Coming to the technical point. From your resume only they will ask you questions. Like if you mentioned C and C++, they will ask you the basic concept of the topic. I am again saying to stick to your answer and never cut ant point of an interviewer.

5. Dont hesitate to ask any relevant question to them. And one thing more never talk in ego.

6. At the end I would sussest you to ask a question like “When can I expect my joining?” This will show your eagerness towords work and joining that company.

7. At last would like to say you that Dont think that an interviewer is there to reject you but he is the only ine who is there to take you in…….All the very best……You can do…..

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