Susceptibility of paramagnetic materials

Logical Answer:

Susceptibility comes from the word “susceptible” means the easily affected. As I have discussed earlier that lines of force are weakly attracted towards paramagnetic materials, when these materials are placed in external magnetic field. It means paramagnetic materials are weakly effected by the field. Therefore the susceptibility of diamagnetic materials is positive but small.

Analytical Reason:

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Magnetic Susceptibility

Magnetic susceptibility is defined as the ratio of the intensity of magnetisation (M) at any point within a given material to the magnetic field(H).

Xm = M/H

Xm is a property which determines how easily a specimen can be magnetised.

Explanation. When a magnetic substance is placed in a magnetic field, then a number of tiny dipoles of the magnetic substance start orienting in the direction of the field and thus contribute towards intensity of magnetisation.

The intensity of magnetisation is proportional to the strength of the external field H.

M µ H

or                     M = Xm H

Where, Xm =M/H is the proportionality constant called magnetic susceptibility.

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