Properties of paramagnetic materials

Paramagnetic materials have following properties:

  • In paramagnetic materials, the magnetic lines of forces due to the applied field are attracted towards the paramagnetic material.
  • When suspended in a uniform magnetic field, paramagnetic materials rotate so as to bring their longest axis along the direction of the magnetic field and shorter axis perpendicular to the field. Continue reading “Properties of paramagnetic materials”
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Examples of paramganetic materials

Examples: aluminium, platinum, chromium, manganese, copper sulphate, crown glass, solutions of the salts of iron & nickel.

Reference: This article is referred from my book “electrical engineering materials” having ISBN 978-81-272-5069-0. In case of any question, you can put your question in the comment section or in the forum.

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Paramagnetic materials

Paramagnetic materials are those diamagnetic materials in which each individual atom or molecule or ion has a net non-zero magnetic moment of its own.

When a paramagnetic material is placed in an external magnetic field of induction (B), it tries to align the individual dipole moments in the direction of the field. For strong value of B, there is a net average magnetic dipole moment density in the direction of B. Continue reading “Paramagnetic materials”

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