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TCS placement exam experience

This article or interview experience is kindly provided by my student Mr. Savpril Salwan who got recently placed in this reputed company TCS. I am really thankful to him.


Approximately 9 days were left when I got the news about joint campus of TCS. It was though very less time to get prepared for any campus recruitment process but my hold on aptitude and reasoning made me strong enough to get prepared for TCS.

Somehow I came to know that TCS written test includes repeated questions i.e., the pattern of TCS written aptitude test remains same but the values get changed. Process of TCS recruitment included 3 stages:

1.      Written Aptitude Test (Online)

2.      Technical Interview

3.      HR Interview

Written Aptitude Test (Online):

For written test, I tried to solve previous year papers of TCS. It consisted of normal questions of aptitude and reasoning. All thanks to R. S. Aggarwal who made my reasoning aptitude strong enough to tackle previous year papers of TCS. Apart from R.S. Aggarwal, I really want to thank “TRINITY” for preparing us and clearing the logics behind those questions of TCS.

Written test was on 19th Sep, 2011, BBSBCET, Fatehgarh Sahib. It started at 3 pm in a lab. It consisted of 35 questions which were to be solved in 80 mins.

I started test with time and seeing the questions I felt so comfortable that the questions were exactly the same which I practiced. With 18 mins to spare, I finished my test and then revised my test and with 5 mins to spare, I submitted my test. I attempted 35 out 35 questions and I was pretty much sure that my all questions were correct (90% probability).

Now, the result of that test arrived on next and to my joy, I was shortlisted for the interview. 21st Sep, 2011 was the day of interview and we travelled to the same place for the interview.

Technical Interview:

Interviews started at around 3 pm and I was quite nervous initially because one of the interviewer was quite strict sort of and was taking about an hour for each candidate.

My turn came at around 7:30 pm and the process is as follows:

Me: may I come in sir?

Int: yes please

Me: good evening sir

Int: good evening, please have a seat.

Me: thank you

Int: so how are you feeling?

Me: sir, I am bit nervous. Actually I am in an interview for the very first time (even though I had attended 2 times before this).

Int: want to have anything?? Juice?

Me: no, thank you sir

Int: then please have the cake

Me: thank you again sir

Int: arey sharmao mat yaar, le lo

(he insisted and I had a piece of cake, I was feeling comfortable now)

Int: so shall we start the process?

Me: yes sir

Int: what are your strengths?

Me: (I described some with examples)

Int: and what about your weaknesses?

Me: (I described my weakness which could appear as their strength)

Int: hmmm…….. so tell me about your family.

Me:  (I told him my family business, and about my family background)

Int: tell me your 2 favourite subjects

Me: (I told him 2 from my course and he asked me some basic questions from 1 of that subject)

Int: how did you find interest in c++?

Me: (I gave him suitable reason, and then he asked me 2 programs, not exactly programs but they were logics related to practical world and I answered them correctly)

Interviewer got impressed by my answers and the level of confidence I showed to him. Also I explained my achievements in sports, co-curricular activities, etc.

Int: you are the first candidate whom I giving maximum ticks and I am recommending you for hr.

Then he advised me about how to work in tcs and this professional world.

Int: good luck for future and prepare for hr

After about 15 mins, I got a call for hr

HR Interview:

Me: may I come in ma’am?

Int: yes please

(she pointed towards chair to offer me a seat and had a seat)

Me: thank you ma’am.

Int: so, savpril, unique name…….. what does it mean?

Me: (I explained)

Int: you have got above 60%?

Me: yes ma’am, its 75.95%

Int: any back logs?

Me: no ma’am

Int: are you comfortable na if we gonna place you anywhere in india?

Me: yes definitely ma’am

Int: explain your qualities in 2-3 lines

Me: (I explained)

Int: any queries?

Me: (I asked and she explained me with a proper answer)

Int: thank you savpril, good luck.

Result was next day and at last I got selected in TCS. This was my experience of the successful interview in TCS. I hope it works for someone and I wish good luck to him/her.

Savpril Salwan

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