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TCS technical interview experience

This article or interview experience is kindly provided by my student Mr. Savpril Salwan who got recently placed in this reputed company TCS. I am really thankful to him.

Technical Interview:

Interviews started at around 3 pm and I was quite nervous initially because one of the interviewer was quite strict sort of and was taking about an hour for each candidate.

My turn came at around 7:30 pm and the process is as follows:

Me: may I come in sir?

Int: yes please

Me: good evening sir

Int: good evening, please have a seat.

Me: thank you

Int: so how are you feeling?

Me: sir, I am bit nervous. Actually I am in an interview for the very first time (even though I had attended 2 times before this).

Int: want to have anything?? Juice?

Me: no, thank you sir

Int: then please have the cake

Me: thank you again sir

Int: arey sharmao mat yaar, le lo

(he insisted and I had a piece of cake, I was feeling comfortable now)

Int: so shall we start the process?

Me: yes sir

Int: what are your strengths?

Me: (I described some with examples)

Int: and what about your weaknesses?

Me: (I described my weakness which could appear as their strength)

Int: hmmm…….. so tell me about your family.

Me:  (I told him my family business, and about my family background)

Int: tell me your 2 favourite subjects

Me: (I told him 2 from my course and he asked me some basic questions from 1 of that subject)

Int: how did you find interest in c++?

Me: (I gave him suitable reason, and then he asked me 2 programs, not exactly programs but they were logics related to practical world and I answered them correctly)

Interviewer got impressed by my answers and the level of confidence I showed to him. Also I explained my achievements in sports, co-curricular activities, etc.

Int: you are the first candidate whom I giving maximum ticks and I am recommending you for hr.

Then he advised me about how to work in tcs and this professional world.

Int: good luck for future and prepare for hr

After about 15 mins, I got a call for hr

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