Types of laser

The lasers can be classified on the basis of state as explained below:

a)      State of laser medium: According to the state of laser medium, we have solid state lasers like ruby laser,gas lasers like He-Ne laser and carbon dioxide laser, semiconductor laser and liquid laser like dye laser.

b)      Mechanism of pumping: According to it, we have optical pumping based lasers like ruby laser, electric discharge based lasers like He-Ne laser. Pumping can also be done through chemical reaction.

c)      Nature of output: According to nature of output, we have pulsed lasers like ruby laser and continuous wave lasers like He-Ne laser.

d)      Spectral region (wavelength) of output: According to it, we have ultra violet, visible and infrared lasers.

Note: Do you know what is pumping or how atoms/electrons are excited?

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