waves and oscillations

Wave motion characteristics

 What is a Wave Motion: 

Wave Motion is a form of disturbance which travels through a medium due to repeated periodic motion of the particles of the medium about their mean positions. The motion being handed on from one particle to the next.

Characteristics or properties of wave motion:

  1. A wave motion is in a form of disturbance which travels thorough a medium due to the vibrations of the particles of the medium
  2. It is the disturbance which travels in the forward direction and not the particles.
  3. The particles simply vibrate about their mean position.
  4. Each particle begins to vibrate a little later than its predecessor.
  5. The velocity of the particles is different from the velocity of the wave. But the velocity of the wave remains constant velocity of particle goes on changing with time and is max. at mean P and min at extreme.
  6. The energy of a particle is wholly kinetic at the mean position and wholly potential at the extreme position.
  7. The waves can undergo phenomenon like reflection, refraction, polarization etc.
  8. For the propagation of the wave the medium must possess the properties of elasticity and inertia.

These are 8 properties or characteristics of wave motion. If you know more, please discuss.

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