Why is a rainbow seen after a rain?

Q1:- Why is a rainbow seen after a rain?

Ans:- Do you know what a prism does when white light passes through it? Yes it splits the white light into seven colors that is violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (VIBGYOR). After the rain, clouds containing water droplets act like a prism through which the white light is dispersed producing a spectrum of seven colors that is VIBGYOR. This is the reason the name is “rainbow”. This is the reason that rainbow is seen after a rain?

Q2:- Why is water from a hand pump warm in winter and cold in summer?

Ans:- In winter the outside temperature is lower than that of water flowing out of the pump, and therefore ,the water is warm .Whereas in summer, the outside temperature is higher than the water of the pump ,and therefore ,it feels cold.

Q3:- Why does a swimming pool appear less deep than it actually is?

Ans:- This is due to the phenomenon of refraction. The rays of light coming from the bottom of the pool pass from a denser medium  (water) to a rarer medium and are refracted (bend away from the normal).When the rays return to the surface they form an image of the bottom of the pool at a point which is little above the real position.

Q4:- Why is one’s breath visible in winter but not in summer?

Ans:- In winter water vapor contained in the breath condense (opposite of vaporization) in to small droplets which become visible but in summer they are quickly evaporated and not seen.

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