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Waves between parallel planes

Let us discuss how waves propagate through parallel planes and derive the necessary relation of transverse electric and magnetic waves: Assumptions : (a)  Pair of parallel planes are perfectly conducting. (b)  Separation between the planes is ‘a’ meter in x … Continue reading

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5 Effective Ways to Hone Your Writing Skills

We all know that it is impossible to graduate from high school if a student does not even know how to properly compose an essay. For some students, this skill is something that they only use in school. But there … Continue reading

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Top Ten Real Ways Machines are Taking Over

As advances in technology increase year after year, machines are taking over more jobs that were once left to human hands and minds. We’ve listed the top ten ways that the machines are taking over: The Music DJ Remember the … Continue reading

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how to increase the width of sidebar of twenty ten wordpress theme

I am using wordpress twenty ten theme in my another blog. I was facing a difficulty to increase the width of sidebar of the twenty ten theme. Actually I want to insert one of the adsense ad there and it … Continue reading

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