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Dear Friends,

We invite you to write for us. But the article should be original and in your own wording. If you think that winnerscience.com articles are benefiting you then you can also benefit our readers with your experience.

You can contribute the articles related to:

1. Your interview experience.

2. An interesting topic related to science.

3. A new research that you or your friends have done or you came to know.

4. The detailed information about your school, college, university.

5. How to write Resume, Essay or anything that can develop the personality of others.

6. Last but not the least you can contribute any piece of informative writing that can be useful for our readers.


We will post the article with your name and profile and if photo is provided then with your photo.

Every month the best article will be awarded with “winnerscience.com best article certificate” that will be icing on cake for your bio-data.

Therefore do not wait and share your writing skills with the world and email your article to:


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  1. Anand says:

    I would love to publish articles for you…..

  2. paras says:

    Sir want new blog or site and want to change hosting?????
    And Transfer your domain to your name….

  3. Saurabh gupta says:

    Calculate the resultant electronic field at the centre O of square ABCD of the side ‘a’ meter.

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