9 most important Properties of Gravitational force

Dear friends, we all are aware of the gravitational force and in one of my previous articles, we have discussed the force of gravitation. Today we learn about the various properties or characteristics of gravitational force. Lets us discuss them one by one:

  1. The gravitational force between two objects forms an action and reaction pair.
  2. It is always attractive. The gravitational force is never repulsive
  3. It is a central force that is gravitational force acts along the line joining the centers of the two objects.
  4. It is a conservative force that is it depends upon initial and final positions, not on the path.
  5. It is a long range force.
  6. It is independent of the presence or absence of other objects in the neighborhood.
  7. It is independent of the nature of the intervening medium between the two objects.
  8. It does not depend upon the nature and the size of the two objects till their masses remains the same and the distance between their centres remains fixed.
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