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Career in Flying

Today more and more companies are coming into airlines business throughout the world. Therefore, the demand for professionals working in the airlines is also increasing proportionally. There are two types of professionals working in the airlines-

a) the flying personnel that include the cabin crew of air hostess & flight attendants and the cockpit personnel (pilot, navigator & flight engineer),

b) the ground crew who handle ticketing, reservation, marketing and administrative persons.

A cabin crew assists passengers with information on safety, emergency measures, and weather conditions. They also serve meals & refreshments, make in-flight announcements, supervise seating & look after of elderly people and children traveling alone.

A minimum of class XII pass can be sufficient but most airlines prefer graduates. A diploma or degree in tourism or catering, and knowledge of a foreign language will be like icing on a cake. One should be in the age bracket of 19-25 years, at least 157.5 cm in height. Some foreign airlines specify a minimum height requirement of 160 cm for women and 163 cm for men. If selected, one must also be ready for flexible work timings and possess the physical stamina for long flights.

Nowadays, there are several airhostess training institutes that are polishing students for the same purpose. Students undergo personality development programmes, training on etiquette and also given practical exercises on stimulated flights, emergency rescue, first aid etc. Duration of most of these programmes is for a year.

After recruitment, one will be eligible for promotion as senior airhostess, deputy air hostess, and chief air hostess respectively.

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