Renewable Energy

Meaning of Renewable energy and 6 major types of renewable energy

Meaning of renewable energy:

The term renewable energy is very popular now a days. Due to depletion of other resources of energy, there is need of other sources of energy. Let us first discuss the meaning of renewable. As the name suggests the term Renewable consists of two terms. One is “Renew” means “which can be used again and again” and second term is “able”. Thus renewable means which is able to be used again and again.

Therefore renewable energy means that energy which can be used again and again. But then question comes into mind, can there be such type of energy resources which can be used in such manner. The answer is yes and one of the examples is energy from solar that is solar energy. Thus my dear friends, in today’s article, I will just mention the names of renewable energy resources.  The details of each mentioned renewable energy resource will be discussed in the coming articles.

  1. Solar energy: As the name suggests, this type of energy is derived from solar. For example, solar cooker, solar heater etc.
  2. Biofuel: The fuel that can be blended in petrol is called biofuel. For example: ethanol.
  3. Biodiesel: The fuel that can be blended in diesel is called biodiesel: For example oil of soybean can be converted into biodiesel. The biofuel, biodiesel and biomass is commonly known as Bioenergy.
  4. Wind Energy: As the name suggests, the energy derived from wind is called wind energy.
  5. Hydropower: The energy derived from water.
  6. Geothermal energy: The energy derived from heat of earth.

The above are the major 6renewable energy resources.  There are many other renewable energy resources like tidal energy etc. Today is the first introductory article, related to the renewable energy resources. We will discuss in detail about each and every type of renewable energy resources with their importance.


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