What is magnetic flux and its units

Hello friends, last time we have discussed about electric flux and its units. Similarly in magnetism, there is concept of magnetic flux. Have you imagined, why a magnet able to attract an iron piece place near by it but if the iron piece is placed somewhat far away from magnet then magnet is not able to attract it.

This is so because invisible magnetic lines of forces emit through the magnet and if the iron piece is in range of magnet then it will be attracted towards the magnet otherwise not. These magnetic lines of force passing normally through a particular area is called magnetic flux.

Magnetic flux has units of webers. Stronger is the magnet, more will be the magnetic flux . It means more will be the power to attract. There is another concept of magnetic flux density. It is defined as the magnetic flux per unit area. Therefore it has the units of webers per square meter.

The symbol of magnetic flux is ø. Sometimes subscript m is used with this symbol. 

I hope you have understood the concept of magnetic flux and its units.

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