What is electric flux and its units

To understand the meaning of electric flux, let us first understand the meaning of flux.

Flux: Flux simply means the flow. For example if we say water flux, then it means flow of water through a particular area. Therefore let us now understand the meaning of electric flux.

Electric flux: Electric flux consists of two words “Electric” and “flux”. Electric comes from the word electric charges. When there will be electric charges then there will be electric field or electric field lines. “Flux” as I told earlier then it means Flow. Therefore, Electric flux means the flow of electric field lines from a particular area.

Let us say the small amount of Electric flux is dø and and Electric Field is E and it passes through a small area element dA. Then dø = E.dA. Here E and dA are vectors. As there is dot or scalar product, so the dø is scalar quantity. #

Thus dø = EdAcosθ

Units: The electric flux has SI units volt-meter. As electric field has units of volt/meter and area has square meter. Therefore dø that is electric flux has units of volt-meter.

I hope you have understood the meaning of flux and electric flux.

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