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5 important steps to write a good Science book

Many of us want to write or author a book but sometimes feels very difficult to go ahead. The main reason is not to know how to proceed and where and whom to contact. Therefore, dear friends, let us discuss step by step how to proceed to write a good science book.

Step 1: Identify the topic of your choice

First and foremost, we must have to identify good science and interesting topic where we are interested about to write a book. For example, if I am from a Physics background, I may have taught many topics related to physics like Lasers, quantum physics, Electromagnetic field theory, and so on. But we must identify the topic where you are most interested and why do you want to write a book.

Step 2: To Finalize the Synopsis of the book and chapters

After finalizing the topic or subject, the next most important thing is to write the synopsis of the book like what will be headings of different chapters and write briefly about each chapter like a synopsis. These are the most important requirement of a good publication house.

Step 3: To search a reputed publication house or self-publishing

Now as you have finalized the topic and written about headings and synopsis of each chapter, it is most necessary to search the publication house. Nowadays, you can also try for self-publication with kdp amazon, etc and other platforms. But if you do not want to go ahead with self-publication then you have to make up your mind that for which type of publication house do you want to try like International, National etc. My personal suggestion is to first try for a reputed publication house.

Step 4: To carefully go through the book proposal form

Every reputed publication house has a book proposal form commonly known as BPF. It is very necessary to carefully go through the book proposal form. The information required in the book proposal form will be like the title of the book, a number of pages, a synopsis of the book (that is why I mentioned writing a synopsis of the book above), books in competition, colored figures if any, proposed reviewers etc. The Editorial Board of a reputed book publication house will definitely get the proposal reviewed with plagiarism. After successful review, the book or initial manuscript will be shown a green signal for publications. Always, remember a science book writing is also like writing a good research paper, and remember a book proposal can be rejected if not written properly like a research paper can be rejected.

Step 5: To sign the agreement and write a good science book

The publication house will then share the agreement like Royalty, copyright etc. Please read carefully before signing. After signing, go ahead for writing the first successful science book of your life.

Thus, dear friends, these are the main 5 steps for writing a successful science book related to your topic. All the best.

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