6 major reasons why research papers are rejected by journals

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Many of us do research as students and faculty. We want to write research manuscripts or research papers on the basis of our research work and then submit the research paper to a reputed peer-reviewed journal. But many times, our manuscript or research paper is not accepted or in other words rejected by the journal Editorial team. Let us discuss the 6 main reasons for rejection of research paper and discuss how to write a good research paper:

  1. Plagiarism: One of the major reasons for not acceptance of research paper is plagiarism. Plagiarism simply means a copy or more sophisticated meaning can be using someone’s else work. The plagiarism should be nil or minimum but according to me, it should not be more than 10 percent. This is the utmost priority of a good researcher and proper care must be taken about plagiarism while writing a paper.
  2. A correct interpretation of Experimental work or data: We use to collect data via surveys or via certain experimental techniques. But more important is the correct interpretation of data with significant errors also.
  3. Grammatical errors: Incorrect usage of English words, for example, “a”, “an” and “the” must be used correctly and all the sentences must be grammatically correct. Here, you can take the help of your colleague having expertise in English.
  4. Matching with aims and scopes of Journal: The manuscript to be submitted must match with the aims and scopes of the research journal where it will be submitted. For example, you may have written a paper in the field of solar energy but the journal may be related to biodiesel only. As both, solar and biodiesel are alternate energy resources, but care must be taken in looking that is the journal related to solar (in your case) or not. So journals related to solar energy and alternate energy fit for your paper but if the journal is related to biodiesel, it does not match with your paper.  
  5. Following the guidelines of journals: Every journal has given certain guidelines that are how to prepare a manuscript like how to insert figures, tables, etc, and what should be spacing and font size. The paper must be written as per the guidelines of the journal.
  6. Reference style: The references must be written as per the guidelines of the journal. The basic old references may be there but the paper must contain most of the latest research as references.

If you follow the above 6 points while writing a research paper and if you have done good theoretical or experimental work, there is a very good chance that your paper will be accepted not rejected by a good referred journal.  

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